Mr Inia Seruiratu with farmer Pushkar at his farm


The Minister for Agriculture, Rural and Maritime and National Disaster Management Hon. Inia Seruiratu has called on farmers to pursue smart farming using the organic concept.


The Minister made the comment when he recently visited the Taiwan Technical Mission [TTM] based at the Sigatoka Research Station.


The main aim of the visit was to get an update on the organic technologies used by TTM and how it is transferred to the farmers in the Sigatoka Valley.


“Fiji needs to replicate such technology in other areas around the country,” Mr Seruiratu said.


He said the Ministry of Agriculture will need to adopt the concept of smart and organic farming to minimize costs and maximize the farmer’s gross margin benefits.


“The smart farming approach is environmental friendly and does not involve lots of other foreign chemicals or technology and farmers through this concept can produce off season crops to provide extra income for farmers.”


Minister Seruiratu said using chemical fertilisers was expensive and is not environmental-friendly.


“Organic farming is suitable for our farmers because it’s environmental friendly, cheap and also helps the farmers in earning more income.”


Meanwhile, two farmers Mant Kumar of Bilalevu and Pushkar Charan from Malaqereqere practicing TTM technologies were also visited by the Minister.

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