Smartcards to bring relief to people


The Government’s intervention in making the much talked-about bus smartcards affordable to every household in Fiji is a sigh of relieve to many consumers.

Consumer rights CEO said the announcement will no doubt bring relief and joy to thousands of bus users who depend on this form of transport.

“The decision will enable consumers particularly those at the lower end of socio-economic scale to purchase the smartcard at ease for every member in the family,” she said.

Kumar also said Consumers are asked to take full advantage of this offer that ends in March this year.

“Consumers must be mindful that they will benefit from e-ticketing by carrying less cash and having credit on the card means one’s bus fare is already budgeted for,” she said.

Prepaid service for public transportation has been a worldwide practice and now the effort is being made by the government to modernize Fiji’s public transport.

“By switching to e-ticket consumers will assist bus operators to control pilferage and make the industry accountable and transparent,” Kumar said.

Consumers are also advised to take good care of their smartcards as a replacement will cost them $15 and not $10 as initially advised by LTA.

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