Week in review

The telecommunications giant, Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Limited (ATH), the supermarket chain, RB Patel Group Limited (RBG) and the restricted security, Fijian Holdings Limited (FHL) were the three listed stocks witnessing trading activity on the SPSE e-trading platform for the week under review. In aggregate, 10 transactions were recorded for the 10,441 shares that exchanged hands accumulating $15,986 in consideration.

There were no price movements recorded for the listed securities with RBG continuing to trade at its all-time high share price of $2.70. ATH and FHL concluded at share prices of $0.86 and $3.35 respectively.

The overall capitalisation of the market also remained unchanged at a value of $852,289,823. Moreover, with no price movements and no dividend returns from the listed companies this week, the SPSE Total Return Index (STRI) also remained unchanged from prior week at 2125.48.

The new order flow analysis indicates a slightly active pattern from the previous week with an aggregate consideration of $25,867 registered on the orders platform. New orders were recorded for FHL, ATH and RBG.

In terms of overall unexecuted orders on the e-trading order platform, the total shares on bid fell by 1.37% while the total shares on offer rose by 0.23%. The SPSE bid to offer ratio changed from prior week and closed at 1:2.

ATH now ranks as the narrowest bid-offer margin security having a spread of $0.05 with the most lucrative bid placed at $0.85 while Communications (Fiji) Limited (CFM) continues to stand as the widest bid-offer margin stock having a spread of $1.40.

The SPSE market announcements platform recorded three press releases for the week. BSP Convertible Notes Limited (BCN) announced that Bank of South Pacific Limited maintained its credit rating in 2014. Fiji Television Limited (FTV) announced changes to its Sky Pacific Channel line up with ATH concluding the week of announcements by submitting the company’s 2014 Annual Report.

As for the upcoming event, SPSE is pleased to announce the details for the West Investment Seminar & Broker Consultation Session. This will be held at Tanoa Waterfront Hotel, Lautoka on Wednesday, 13th August 2014 from 1pm. This seminar has been organised following popular demand of similar sessions held last year. The Exchange with its licensed stockbrokers will be sharing many investing tips together with key elements of financial planning and wealth creation during this visit. This is a free of charge event but due to limited space available, registration is vital.

For further information and for the purpose of seminar registrations, please feel free to contact us on 330 4130 or

e-mail on info@spse.com.fj

Jinita Prasad

Chief Executive


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