Caption: Minister for Education Filipe Bole takes a tour of the new computer lab at Queen Victoria School. Photo: MINFO.

The students of Queen Victoria School have been encouraged to work extra hard and to use their new computer laboratory for their own future.

This was relayed by the Minister for Education Filipe Bole while officially opening the school’s new refurbished computer laboratory today.

“This new computer laboratory with its fifty new computers provided by the ministry will take the current and future students to the world beyond and bring the world to their doorsteps,” Minister Bole said.

“Education developments in Fiji are mandated under the national education policy called “Education for change and at the apex of that policy is the creation of Fiji’s knowledge based society,” he said.

Mr Bole highlighted that “with the reliable and the latest information at your hand, you as school and the community around should be contributing positively to the economy of our nation”.

“Communities that will use this facility will not have to take the early morning bus to order materials from Vinod Patel but rather take ten minutes walk to the school and send their orders via the internet,” Mr Bole said.

The new computer lab will also feature e-learning exercises where subjects will be projected directly into classrooms.

Speaking on behalf of parents, the School’s Parents and Teachers Association Vice President  Radrodro Tabualevu said that this new initiative will allow students to easily access learning materials anywhere without having to carry books.

The cost of the building was $137,154.03 and was made possible through the joint partnership of the parents teachers association and the Ministry of Education.

Mr Bole encouraged students to become ambassadors of education in their communities and to remain focused on studies in order to excel in their studies

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