The Suva Private Hospital (SPH) will resume normal outpatient services following successful talks between the Ministry of Health and the Hospital’s management team.

Health Minister Dr Neil Sharma has successfully brokered talks between the Ministry and the hospital following the SPH’s decision this week to cease outpatient services from 7pm.

Commending this latest development, Minister Sharma said the decision by the Suva Private Hospital will ensure the continuity of health services to private patients.

“The focus should always be on patients and the good health of the nation.”

“We are grateful for the support from the management of Suva Private Hospital in putting the welfare of patients first and foremost and I am confident that any challenges faced can be overcome”, Minister Sharma said.

The Fiji Medical and Dental Council chaired by the Ministry’s permanent secretary Dr Eloni Tora will meet again with the SPH’s management this afternoon to identify gaps and shortfalls that all parties can provide assistance towards.

“This is an opportunity for everyone to sit at the same table and move forward from there and really to work together to address our issues”

The health minister has also recommended the introduction of new mentoring programs for the SPH to ensure that the hospital is able to retain fully trained and qualified medical personnel.

“As I said before, there will not be any compromise when it comes to health care services and that is why we need to ensure that medical personnel especially doctors have not only achieved the relevant qualifications but have also had the most appropriate trainings and work experience”.

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