July 23, 2015. For 60 years, sugarcane and vegetable farmers living along the Valebasoga Feeder Road have endured bad road conditions.

All this came to an end when the Fulton Hogan Hiways Labasa Depot Work Crew cleared drainage and graded and graveled the 1.7 kilometre feeder road that connects to the main Valebasoga Road, said FHH Labasa Depot Supervisor, Jashneet Deo.

“In the past, the farmers had attempted to do their own road maintenance, but often did not have enough funds to do this.

“Before we carried out this work, the road was very narrow and some of the culverts were missing. Farmers were always trying to dodge potholes when making their way to the Labasa market, 6 kilometres away, or in the crushing season, to the Labasa sugar mill, 5 kilometres away.

“In wet weather, the conditions were even worse, with the road pavement surface being saturated and dangerously slippery. Now the farmers are really happy and relieved as it is safe to drive vehicles on the road, and it is much safer for students who walk to Valebasoga Road to catch the school bus,” said Mr Deo.

FHH is working closely with the Fiji Roads Authority to improve access to markets for the rural sector.


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