Sunset Express Buses joins two companies who are taking advantage of the digital age by providing free Internet connection in their buses.

Sunset Buses are now offering commuters a ride with a difference following the installation of WiFi on their latest express coach.

Foneology partnered with Vodafone late last year to provide the WiFi solution in buses and has already installed WiFi in two other bus companies.

“We are more than happy to assist bus companies,” Foneology Managing Director, Mr James Trusler said.

The company, which has been working closely with Foneology on the project, today announced their digital advancement.

With WiFi available, Sunset passengers can now have the privilege of using their laptops or smartphones to either keep in touch with their offices or businesses or to simply be in touch with family and friends.

More people are now using smartphones and laptops so with the Bus WiFi connection now available, they can continue to be in touch with their family and friends whilst on the bus from Suva to Lautoka.

“Seeing the sun set will no longer be just the experience of a passenger but one that he or she can share with family or friends through the social media,” Company Director Jale Silimaibau said.

A tourist who does not have roaming on his or her smartphone can contact families and friends abroad through the Internet connection.

“The digital era has brought with it many possibilities and we are proud to be a company that is innovative in ensuring that a bus ride is not just a bus ride but an enjoyable experience.”

Foneology Managing Director, Mr James Trusler said his company would continue to invest and share their technological experience in projects that would enhance and improve businesses but more importantly the lives of Fijians.

“We want all Fijians to benefit from the projects we do. The opportunities created by the high tech revolution have created a lot of opportunities. We have 4G in Fiji, and we must take advantage of its capabilities,” Mr Trusler said.

“Foneology strives to ensure that Fiji is on par with the rest of the world. And we will continue to indulge in such projects.”

“Bus companies are now going a step further by having vehicle GPS tracking, e-ticketing, and now WiFi connection,” Mr Trusler said.

Foneology offers WiFi – specially designed for buses. The company also specialises in e-ticketing, GPS vehicle tracking, CCTV and alarm systems and also has a repair centre division.


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