Supermodel Movie Bag First Award

Caption: Action Seen, of the movie shot in Fiji ‘Real Life of a Super Model’, actor Ashmit Patel is explaining all the models.Photo: SUPPLIED


Yet another proud moment for Fiji as far as the film industry in the country is concerned, after Director Navin Batra’s debut film ‘Real Life of a Super Model’ slated to release this 27th worldwide already won an award as the ‘Best Stylish Fashion Film’ Award from Haut Monde Fashion Institute, in New Delhi.

Real Life of a Super Model, starring Jackie Shroff, Veena Malik, Ashmit Patel, Harsh Chaya & others, a movie directed by Navin Batra produced by Ravi Ahlawat & Prem Gupta under the banner Maruti Movies – Fiji Pvt. Ltd., is a fashionable journey of  common girls to becoming super models & a different twist in their lives when they get trapped in a controversy.

Navin Batra sure is basking in the glory since its first ever venture has yielded the title of the’ Best Stylish Fashion Film’ from Haut Monde Fashion Institute, he mentions, “It is probably because of all the stylish videos he have directed in my past and it helped him incorporate in his film. Who wouldn’t like the fact of being appreciated in my very first venture? It is not like he have Bollywood’s biggest stars but his team has done all that it takes to be a big movie.

The story line is that of a super model, the movie had to be stylish & hence the nomination. He is proud of the entire team of Super Model is proud & awaiting its release.”

The Local Line Producer was Padma Nair & Vineel Nand(he also Assistant Director(First Fijian to be in the direction team from Bollywood). The movie was shot last year in Nadi, Lautoka & Sigatoka for 21 days.

The Movie Starring Jackie Shroff, Veena Malik, Ashmit Patel will hit Fiji Theaters on 26th September 2013. We will have world wide release on 27th September 2013.

The Official Premiere which was supposed to be held on 26th Sept has now been cancelled, now it will have the normal screening at V6 & V4 on Sept 26.
Meanwhile, last week The Fiji Government gave rebate to movie Table No 21 of $1,304,441.97 while 3G got  $1,274,539.32 while supermodel movie budget for Fiji was FJD 2.5 Million.


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