The Ministry of Health is urging Fijians across the country to take seriously the advisories and warnings on the dangers of Dengue Fever issued by health authorities.

In response to increasing numbers, the Health Minister, Dr Neil Sharma (pictured) said that despite continuous warnings, confirmed cases of Dengue Fever presented to health facilities around the country indicate that there was a serious lack of attention to warnings by health authorities.

“We now have a high number of confirmed cases of Dengue Fever across the country and a high percentage of these cases are from the Central Division.”

“The fact is, Dengue Fever is serious and it can lead to death. So we are in a situation now where the public needs to take ownership and seriously consider the consequences if they fail to take these warnings.”

The Minister stressed that the public cannot be complacent when it comes to an illness that can so easily be controlled through taking proactive measures around the house and preventing mosquitoes from breeding.



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