Talanoa session a success: FNPF

The talanoa session attarcted more than 100 individuals mainly teachers and resort workers along the coral coast.


Now am finally aware of how my money is being invested by the Fiji National Provident Fund to benefit me once I retire, says hotel worker, Nanise Donumaitoga following a talanoa session held at Korovisilou village last Friday.

The talanoa session attracted more than 100 individuals mainly Teachers and Resorts and Hotel workers along the coral coast. The session was led by the FNPF Chief Executive, Mr Aisake Taito who presented on the Fund’s products and services and its future plans.

Ms Donumaitoga said she was pleased to have the FNPF talanoa team there to assist her with her queries and to reassure her that the status of her funds were safe.

“I’m pleased to know that the Fund has invested our money and we’re receiving a competitive interest every year and to have the FNPF team here to personally reassure us, it’s a relief,” she said.

Ratu Latianara School Teacher, Mr Sachin Chand said “The talanoa session is a very effective platform for members to clear any doubts they might have about FNPF.

“I’m glad to be part of this talanoa session because I was able to learn a lot and now I’m well aware of the Fund’s role, the session was indeed very effective”

During his presentation at Korovisilou, Mr Taito reiterated the need for members to be well informed of the Fund’s role.

“It is important for you to be more vigilant in asking questions about the status of the Fund and to be mindful of misguided information out there,” he said.

“This is why we have opted to come and bring our services and to have our representatives here to assist you with whatever queries you might have.”

Aside from an informal question and answer session, the talanoa team also rendered the following services which includes;

1. Joint FNPF/FRCA ID Card registration

2. SUPERTxt and online services

3. Special Death Benefit and Funeral Assistance

4. Nomination

5. Voluntary Membership and other queries


The Fund is currently undertaking its talanoa session in the Central Eastern and Western Division before is travels to other part of the country to continuously provide its services and create awareness.


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