Tappoo supports champions for children with disability

Board Member of Hilton Organization, Ms. Sureni Perera, receives $5,000 cheque from Kamlesh Tappoo ,Executive Director,  Tappoo Group of Companies while Mr Rajendra Kumar and Ms Sharon Lateef look on. 


THE Tappoo family today paid tribute to Fiji’s special father of special children Frank Hilton, for his invaluable commitment and gifted, the Hilton Organization, $5,000 to assist it in its efforts.

At the presentation of their donation at TappooCity, Tappoo Group of Companies director Kamlesh Tappoo said Fiji was very fortunate to have a champion like Frank Hilton whose legacy continues to touch the lives of thousands of children and their families for the better.

“In Fiji, we are fortunate to have many champions among us. Frank Hilton is one of my favorites and is worthy of emulation,” said Mr. Tappoo.

“He came from Sydney in the early 60s when he saw a small ad in The Fiji Times that sought to recruit someone who could look after a small group of children with disabilities.”

Mr. Hilton’s tireless work resulted in the formation of the Hilton Organization, which manages the Hilton Special School, the Hilton Early Intervention Centre and the Hilton House Hostel.

“Even at 94 years of age, Mr. Hilton remains just as passionate to this day, some 50 years later. That is real commitment,” said Mr. Tappoo.

He said the Tappoo family was delighted to contribute to advancing Mr. Hilton’s cause.

“This gesture of support is aligned to the Tappoo family’s philosophy of selfless service to the community imparted to us by our founder of the Tappoo business,” said Mr. Tappoo.

“He was a Gandhian and sincerely believed that “hands that serve are holier than lips that pray” and that “love lives by giving and forgiving whereas the self-lives by getting and forgetting”.

Mr. Tappoo was referring to Tappoo Kanji, who started the Tappoo legacy when he opened his first workshop in Sigatoka on August 23, 1941.

The donation to Hilton Organization was part of a series of charitable works the Tappoo family chose to engage in as they prepared to commemorate the Tappoo 73rd anniversary on August 23.

Mr. Tappoo also acknowledged the work of Hilton Organization’s staff and board members, whom he labeled as “champions in the making”.

“They are trying their utmost to provide for the young boys and girls of Hilton Organization so they can live better lives,” said Mr. Tappoo.

“The Tappoo family acknowledges the Hilton Organization for its immense courage and compassion in caring for these special children.”

“I wish to extend our best wishes to the Hilton Special school, the Hilton Early Intervention Centre, the Hilton Boarding school, and the Board members and volunteers that run the Hilton Organization,” he concluded.


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