Caption:Hon. Assistant Minister for Health and Medical Services Mrs Veena Bhatnagar at the public consultation at Tavua Town Council chambers.Photo:SUPPLIED.

The Hon. Assistant Minister for Health Veena Bhatnagar has reminded the residents of Tavua to carry out precautionary measures to avoid contracting dengue fever.

Earlier this week the Minister for Health and Medical Services announced significant high cases of dengue fever in the Northern Division and pointed out the need for Fijians to take basic precautionary measures. This message was also reiterated by the Assistant Minister to residents of Tavua at a public consultation held in the town today.

“The Ministry is doing all it can to address dengue fever. However we need you to ensure that you are keeping your compounds free from dengue breeding receptacles”, the Assistant Minister said.

“Get rid of dengue mosquito’s breeding places such as, tyres, empty cans and coconut shells and white goods. Common breeding grounds for dengue mosquitoes are pot plants that have collected water.”

She added that the Tavua Health Office will look at vulnerable areas identified in 2014 as hot spots for dengue breeding mosquitoes. She said that insecticide spraying will be carried out in these areas to stop the breeding of dengue mosquitoes.

Participants at the public health consultation were also advised on the signs, symptoms and prevention of dengue fever.


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