The Ministry of Education recently completed a workshop designed to empower teachers with Basic Counseling Skills to assist them in their profession.

This workshop was held at the Civil Service Training centre in Nadave, the workshop saw the participation of 41 officials from across the country.

“This workshop has equipped you as teachers with counseling skills so you are able to deal with the diverse cases in both primary and secondary schools. It is timely, considering the fact that some of the issues and cases are quite sophisticated”, said the Ministry of Education permanent secretary Dr Brij Lal, who also delivered the closing statement at the meet.

“As teachers, you need to be well-informed with current issues, be widely read and appropriately equipped and skilled in tackling the everyday issues in schools. I believe that now, you will know the alternatives to the sticks, to the derogatory remarks, to the displeasing comments and the fearsome expressions and body language used to the students,” he commented.

Meanwhile eighty five teachers from the five disability inclusive schools completed a three day Access to Quality Education Program (AQEP) Inclusive Education Workshop at Novotel Conference Centre, Lami this week.

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