Telecom Fiji bridges digital divide; Supporting One laptop Per Child Initiative

Telecom Fiji Limited today bridged the digital divide with the free introduction of Internet at Navesi Primary School, Delainavesi.

Speaking at the launch, TFL’s General Manager Business Sales Charles Goundar stressed TFL’s commitment in providing a seamless means of accessing education information through the World Wide Web.

“We are delighted to support this initiative that will foster learning, creativity and social progress in our country through Internet.”

Students will now be able to surf the Internet through the OLPC (One laptop per child) initiative with the Ministry of Education, The University of the South Pacific and Bank of the South Pacific.

“This is also indicative of TFL’s commitment which is in line with Government’s Broadband policy and the readily access of Internet to facilitate innovation, economic growth, social and cultural inclusion,” Goundar said.

“The evolution of Information and communications technology in education in Fiji is a relatively new phenomenon and TFL is proud to be at the frontier to enable Fiji schools to embrace it graciously.”

The Internet provision will allow for students to surf educational resources online and databases to assist with learning whilst at the same time addressing and enhancing cognitive, technological opportunities, teaching and learning needs.

The provision of Internet in Navesi Primary School marks the beginning of the Internet revolution in the Fijian ICT education sector by the only 100% – Fiji owned telecommunications company – Telecom Fiji Limited.

The pilot schools for the OLPC Initiatives are Navesi Primary, Draiba Primary and Nabua Sanatan Primary.

Minister for Education Honourable Filipe Bole with students. Photos: SUPPLIED.

Minister for Education Honourable Filipe Bole with students. Photos: SUPPLIED.

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