Fashion Council of Fiji president Ms Naziah Ali. Photo: FACEBOOK.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade permanent secretary Mr Shaheen Ali has urged the key players of the Textile, Clothing and Footware (TCF) Council to encourage and mentor small micro and medium enterprises.

“The new requirements of the international markets have made it much more difficult for our small markets to survive in the industry.

“It is time for all of you in the industry and big players to open up and allow small players to join the exporters’ league,” Mr Ali said.

Mr Ali said that government is willing to partner with the council in this endeavor to mentor small and medium businesses and will simply allow Fiji as a nation to take more complete advantage of the opportunities that are out there in the export market.

Fashion Council of Fiji president Ms Naziah Ali explained to the TCF Council members at the TCF council AGM this week, that the emerging fashion industry is looking into close cooperation with the council.

“We want to build strong relationships with key industry players like TCF council and hope in future that they will open dialogue and see how we could merge in terms of sharing ideas and tap into areas where manufacturers can supply the growing and able designers who are able to produce garments at a larger scale then for those who have just started off.

“Instead of looking at just here and now, we can look at the future being at the positive Instead of looking at just here and now, we can look at the future being at the positive,” Ms Ali said.

President of the TCF council, Mr Kaushik Kumar said that they will work more closely with the Fashion and look into the potential of local designers.


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