Caption:An invited guest checks out the brand new Toyota Corolla at the launching on Friday,March 7, in Nadi .For more pictures click here-

Toyota’s new Corolla sedan is designed to appeal to the heart as well as the head with advances in design, roominess and driver enjoyment as well as perceived and sensory quality.

Designers and engineers have crafted a larger and more elegant exterior with great on-road presence and an upscale interior that provides more space, comfort and practicality.

The most significant advance is the increase in length between the front and rear wheels, providing greater design freedom that results in a more expressive body with dynamic proportions. The added length has liberated more space for five adults in a premium interior that features high-quality materials with consistent execution of colors and textures including soft-touch services.

Driving feel has been enhanced through a lower centre of gravity, lighter yet more rigid body structure and by pushing the wheels closer to the corners of the car. Improved suspension calibration, more direct steering response and key power-train improvements, including a new seven-speed multi-drive automatic transmission, come together to provide a more engaging driving experience while reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

An increased focus on driver enjoyment has resulted in a lighter, yet more rigid body structure, more ergonomic steering-column angle and redesigned front seats that offer greater comfort and a wider range of height and slide adjustments.

Toyota’s has refined the classics to suit local driving conditions and driver demands, particularly an undulating country roads and unsealed and corrugated surfaces. And they have re-calibrated the Corolla’s electric power steering to ensure ease of parking as well as an intuitive level of steering response through roundabouts and on winding mountain roads.

At the same time, Corolla is expanding its legendary reputation for reliability with enhanced quality, expanded safety features and impressive value for money.

The new Corolla-with its more stylish exterior, premium interior and fun-to-drive dynamics for a sedan demonstrates that Toyota is capturing greater energy and emotion in its cars.

This combination of the emotional and rational factors for purchasing Corolla are set to extend its position as the world’s best-selling car with more than 40 million sales over 47 years.

Every Corolla is fitted with an AM/FM tuner, single CD player, USB+ and an auxiliary pack. Corolla is designed and built to achieve the maximum five-star safety rating with seven air bags, whiplash injury-lessening front seats, and stability and traction control and anti-skid brakes.

The proven 1.6 litre petrol engine with Toyota’s acoustic controlled variable induction system has been refined to deliver 90KW of power and 154Nm of torque on regular unleaded petrol. A six –speed manual transmission offers wider gear ratios to promote performance and smooth, quiet and refined driving with a four-percent fuel saving.

While the four-speed transmission offers sporty driving, there Corolla also has a significant fuel-economy benefit.

To test drive the all new Corolla, visit an Asco Motors dealership or branch nearest to you.





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