The Grass is Greener at the Nadi Airport School

CAPTION: Nikita Singh and a fellow student stand in front of two of the many bins around the school which are used for the Go Green Program. Picture: RAEVENN BREEN




The Nadi Airport school in Namaka has started a ‘Go Green’ program for the students to be able to become environmental ambassadors and to learn more about the environment in which they live in.

‘Go Green’ is a big recycling initiative run by one of the school teachers, Rebecca Giblin. The ‘Go Green’ program started at the beginning of the term ten weeks ago and is set to round up at the term’s upcoming conclusion.

“Our plan is for this program to become an annual activity. It teaches the students to be responsible for their environment and have fun at the same time,” Ms. Gilbin explained. “We hope to develop the program and eventually put it on a larger scale, taking it outside the school”.

Ms. Giblin aims to try and get the entire student population to be a part of it, since only a select few are currently in the activity. Gardens and bins have been set up around the school on the grounds which the students manage and take care of.

At the school’s library,  a section has been set-up which is dedicated to the program, allowing the students to read about and learn more on recycling and waste management. One of the main focuses is Carbon pollution, which is a major problem not only in Fiji, but globally.

“We try to make students enthusiastic by giving them the chance to present what they have learnt from reading the books and articles from different newspapers, and later applying their knowledge out on the field.” Ms. Giblin pointed out. “Different classes go  against each other in friendly competition to see which class is the most ‘green’ in the school”.

Nikita Singh, a student attending the Nadi Airport school, said that during her time on the program she has been able to learn more about the environment and also enjoys working in the groups who strive to keep the school clean. “It’s a great thing for us. Our aim is to promote environmental awareness not only in the school, but also outside of school”.

Students pick up and sort out rubbish every day during recess and lunch-breaks and categorize them into different bins, such as general waste, plastics and paper materials. Whatever materials or rubbish that can be saved are then recycled and used in the Visual arts program in the school, which students use to create artworks and even stationery that can be used in the classroom.

CAPTION: Students categorize the waste into their respective bins for processing later on. Picture: RAEVENN BREEN

CAPTION: Students categorize the waste into their respective bins for processing later on. Picture: RAEVENN BREEN

The Go Green program is later being showcased at a presentation being held at the Sheraton Resort on Denarau Island on Monday the 5th of August in order to promote the cause.


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