Three women’s appeal thrown out


Three women had their appeal rejected by High Court in Lautoka, after they were sentenced to prison for theft.

Mereoni Vosita, who is serving a 13-month prison term, had her appeal rejected by Justice Sitambarampillai Thurairaja since her ground was incorrect and misleading to the court.

The single mother of four children stated that this is her first conviction but Justice Thurairaja countered Vosita was on a suspended sentence for a previous conviction, when she stole two under water  torches in May last year.

Meanwhile, 24-year-old Laisani Mere of Namoli village states that her 17 months sentence for crime was too harsh, after her application was turned down.

Justice Thurairaja said Mere had nine previous convictions, eight were of similar nature and does not warrant any lenient sentence.

Also had her application thrown out was 34-year-old, Litia Naivalu of Waiyavi Stage 2 in Lautoka, claimed she also had a harsh sentence imposed upon her.

Naivalu had 22 previous theft convinctions which did not warrant a lenient sentence, as stated by the High Court Judge.

Justice Thurairaja also ordered the state to reactivate suspended sentence placed upon Naivalu by the Ba Magistrates Court in 2010.

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