Permanent secretary for education Dr Brij Lal, chairman for academic board for Sangam School of Nursing and former education permanent secretary Mr Amraiya Naidu and National President of TISI Sangam Sadasivan Naicker during the seminar in SSKMC College, Nadi. Photo: SALOTE QALUBAU.


TISI Sangam members officially launched their two-day seminar on Friday, February 14 at the Sangam SKM College.

Participants consisted of management members and heads of all twenty-six schools that are established and managed by Sangam.

While addressing participants, Ministry of Education Permanent Secretary and chief guest Dr Brij Lal said the school management of various schools must provide conducive conditions that allow for quality teaching and learning.

“The seminar is aimed at helping schools adopt professional and efficient methods in achieving the main role they share with the Ministry of Educations which is to equip administrators with enough knowledge to manage their schools effectively,” Dr Lal said.

According to the chairman of Sangam Education board, Pramod Achary, major target areas for the seminar is communication, leadership, and culture as well as ethically and morally behaved administrators in terms of appropriate management of funds.

“The Permanent secretary has set a brilliant platform for us, he highlighted a few things about how to achieve excellence and we hope that the message will be received clearly by our partners,”said Mr Archary.


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