Tokatoka Westfield Dragon confident on day one

Action from day one on Friday, April 11. More photos on our Facebook page 


On day one of Fiji Bitter Nawaka Sevens defending champions Tokatoka Westfield Dragons have a firm hold on their title after cruising their way towards the elimination rounds.

Tokatoka Westfield Dragons defeated Vomo Blues in their grand opening match 26-0 and recorded two other impressive wins to get ready for the final day today.

Also joining the defending champs in the elimination round are the likes of Warden Green, Gaunavou (Nadro), Army Red, Yamacia Red, Warden Gold, Noitoga, Tabadamu, West Warden, Police National, Army Green, Red Rock, Nalotu Seal Team, Vaturu Rebels, Nawaka Black and First Landing Resort.

Listed below is the elimination round for day two:

Westfield Dragons vs Kovacake Blues

Yasawa Stingers vs Army

Shop 2 Save vs Uluinakau Babas

Police National vs Hideaway Hurricane

Nalotu Seal Team vs Ratu Filise

First Landing vs Nadayawa

Warden Green vs Vomo Blues

Yamacia Red vs Sofitel

Tabadamu vs Nawaka White

Army Green vs Yasawa i Rara

Vaturu Rebels vs Marist Suva

Gaunavou (Nadro) vs Bainivanua

Wardens Gold vs Waibula

West Wardens vs Momi Tigers

Red Rock vs NB Cagimaira

Nawaka Black vs Coastal Jet Primers



Pool 1                                                    Pool 2                                    Pool 3                                    Pool 4

Tokatoka Westfield Dragons       Warden Green                  Gaunavou                           Army Red
Vomo Blues                                        Kovacake Blues                 Yasawa Stingers                                Bainivanua
Pool 5                                                    Pool 6                                    Pool 7                                    Pool 8

Yamacia Red                                       Warden Gold                     Noitoga                                                Tabadamu
Waibula                                                Sofitel                                   Nawaka White                  Ulunikau

Pool 9                                                    Pool 10                                 Pool 11                     Pool 12

West Warden                                    Police National                  Army Green           Red Rock
Hideaway Hurricanes                     Momi Tigers                       NB Cagimaira         Angels Yasawa i Rara

Pool 13                                                 Pool 14                                 Pool 15                                 Pool 16

Nalotu Seal Team                             Vaturu Rebels                   Nawaka Black                    First Landing Resort
Marist Suva                                        Ratu Filise                            Nadawa YB                         Coastal Jet Primer


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