Tonga’s Heilala Vanilla features in new vanilla milk


September 7, 2015. Heilala Vanilla has teamed up with a premium New Zealand dairy company to create a new vanilla milk.

Heilala has collaborated with the popular Lewis Road Creamery for the Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Vanilla Milk, which was launched in New Zealand last week.

At the same time, Lewis Road Creamery has also collaborated with another popular Kiwi brand, Coffee Supreme, to create the Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Coffee Milk.

The public has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the two new milk flavours after Lewis Road Creamery created a frenzy last year when it collaborated with Whittaker’s Chocolate to release a chocolate milk.

Heilala’s Pure Vanilla Extract, made from premium, hand-selected, organically-grown Heilala Vanilla beans from Tonga, is being used in the smooth, velvety milk.

The result is a complex, creamy and mildly sweet vanilla extract that is gently warmed through Lewis Road Creamery’s permeate-free Premium Whole Milk, with natural cane sugar to complement the vanilla flavour.

The use of a pure vanilla extract, and not an essence, to create the vanilla milk is a New Zealand-first, and quite possibly a world-first.

Heilala Vanilla founder Jennifer Boggiss says she is delighted with the product and how it has allowed Heilala Vanilla to shine.

“The process used to create Fresh Vanilla Milk means the delicate flavour of Heilala Vanilla is not lost but rather amplified resulting in an aromatic, subtly sweet and velvety milk that really is a taste sensation,” she says.

Jennifer says she is most excited as the launch of the Lewis Road Heilala Fresh Vanilla Milk further demonstrates Heilala’s continuing drive to head in new directions with other premium food companies.

“These collaborations further reinforce our commitment to our growers in Tonga and together we can be proud of producing a world class vanilla product all of Tonga can be proud of.”

Lewis Road Creamery founder and chief executive, Peter Cullinane, says: “Heilala Vanilla and Coffee Supreme represent the very finest within their respective categories and share our vision of delivering world-class products to their customers.”

Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Coffee Milk and Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Vanilla Milk are available from selected supermarkets and specialty food stores in New Zealand.

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