The Ministry of Health today launched its Human Resource Development and Training Policy 2012 – 2015 designed to increase efficiency and improve the overall performance of the ministry.

The Ministry’s permanent secretary Dr Eloni Tora said that the ministry is committed to the development and training of employees.

“Training and human resource development is one of the major priorities for government to achieve our strategic goal to meet public demand for services,” Dr Tora said.

Dr Tora stated that the document will be a guiding tool to facilitate the provision of appropriate training to upskill and develop a quality and productive health workforce.

“This will contribute towards an effective, efficient and responsive service delivery within the health systems settings and ultimately contribute towards the achievement of the ministry’s vision, mission and strategic objectives,” Dr Tora said.

Dr Tora also acknowledged the contributions of donor partners, particularly JICA, who was involved in the funding of the review.

Resident JICA representative to Fiji, Mr Shumon Yoshiara said the training policy is an important tool for the ministry as it would help in the upgrading of workers’ skills and knowledge.

“I am confident that the proper management of human resources training and development needs of the civil servants within the framework of these policies will result in a more efficient and effective workforce  with much higher level of productivity,” Mr Yoshiara added.

The Health Ministry has more than 5000 workers.


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