The Fiji Police Force would like to acknowledge the cooperation shown by members of the public during “Operation Yadradravi” which came to an end on the 10th of this month.

The month long operation was aimed at ensuring everyone was provided a safe environment to enjoy their Festive season as well as heralding in a New Year without incident.

“Operation Yadradravi” which began on 10th December 2014 proved to be one that was enjoyed responsibly by all across the country.

Strategies were adopted throughout the five policing divisions whereby all Police support staff at all formations were pushed to the frontline to boost visibility and contain the crime rate to a minimum.

On the note it was encouraging to note a decrease in serious crimes such as crimes against women and children and theft which recorded a decrease of 4%, 54% and 31% respectively when compared to the same period last year.

However the Fiji Police Force is of the view that these figures can be reduced further and is counting on the continuous support from members of the public to ensure we curb the incidence of such crimes.

On a worrying note an increase was recorded for Assault cases which recorded a 24% hike in comparison to the same period last year.

Majority of the cases were as a result of disputes between family members and relationship problems while a few cases were liquor related.

Other operations conducted during “Operation Yadrayadravi” included a joint traffic operation with the Land Transport Authority as well as 8 successful Bootlegger Operations.

However as we are well into another year the issue of people resorting to taking their own lives is becoming a great concern for the Fiji Police.

To date four attempted suicide and one suicide case has been recorded in 2015. In comparison to the same period last year four attempted and 6 suicide cases were recorded. It is worrying to note that some feel that taking their own lives is the only solution to their problems.

One recent case involved an elderly gentleman who attempted to take his own life as he was sickly and claimed he was without support for the last three years. A few of these cases were also a result of relationship problems.

This is a concern for us as we live in a caring society and we do hope more quality time can be spent with our loved ones and we must be accepting of each other’s differences.

Public support has always been vital towards the success of our work and by working and caring for one another we can achieve our intent of keeping our society safe.




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