Turtle Talks to be launched on Earth Day


Creator of Turtle Talks, Monica Laurence. Photo:Supplied

Turtle Talks, which is the first of its kind and is devoted to driving conversation to accelerate positive change, will be officially launched on Earth Day (22nd April) by creator Monica Laurence.
“The purpose of this turtle talk is to share the feeling of energy and spirit with the world to inspire others about clean energy,” Laurence said.
She adds the only way to achieve this is by believing that everything is beautiful.
“Fiji is the best place to do it because Fijians are the happiest people in the planet”, said Laurence.
Laurence will be launching 38 videos filmed from the first Talks which were held from 2013 in Turtle Island.
The inaugural talks included five experts in clean energy which lead the conversation in imaging a future in which we live with 100% clean and renewable energy.
She said anything that does not pollute is clean energy.
“I believe that there is a purpose and there is also a need to include experts in Fiji in tackling this major issue”, she said.
Laurence also described these Talks as a boost in Fiji’s tourism industry.
Filmed on the Island, Turtle Talks invites leading thinkers and doers to one island to discuss solutions to the biggest issues facing people and planet.

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