Unwired 4G enhances teaching and learning at Hilton Special School

One of the country’s most respected schools for children with special needs has enhanced its teaching services to students thanks to the provision of free broadband internet by Unwired, Fiji’s first and only company providing 4G internet technology. Internet has been since adopted by the Hilton’s students as a versatile learning tool.What was previously a time-consuming exercise with students sifting through books in libraries for information, research on a topic can now be conducted within a few seconds using internet.

School Head Teacher Ms Nanise Ravisa says the Unwired 4G internet service has greatly enhanced teaching and learning at the school. “It has enabled students to effectively conduct online research for their assignments and projects, as well as get updated information compared to textbooks.” Teachers have been equally benefitting from the service as it allows them to access numerous resources that help them in their teaching. According to Ms Ravisa, teachers at the school are now able to expand beyond text-based learning and engage particularly students who prefer non-traditional classroom style teaching.

“It’s always a challenge to provide students with tools that continually stimulate learning. This is even more the case for a school like ours. Thanks to Unwired 4G, we are able to expand the way we engage our special students and ensure that they continue to learn.”

Head of Corporate Sales at Unwired 4G, Ms. Charlotte Taylor said the provision of free internet is part of Unwired’s ongoing support for Hilton Special School.

“Our goal is to always make a difference in the lives of ourfellow Fijians. Hilton Special School obviously holds a special place in our hearts, and we’re delighted that they’re putting what we have given them to good use.

She adds that with Unwired 4G’s high capacity and speeds of up to 8Mbps, it will make learning and teaching a whole new and fun experience for teachers and students alike.


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