Up to 200 % more data for the same value from Vodafone

Vodafone has announced up to 200 per cent increase in Mobile Broadband Internet data Caps offered in their data plans. They have also extended Big data bundles on Postpaid and Prepaid Mobile Internet plans. This will be applicable for Prepaid & Postpaid Flashnet plans and also to mobile Internet plans. “In the current postpaid plan the Broadband Lite for a monthly rental of $35.51 VEP our customer gets 2 GB of data, effective 1st March customers will still pay the same monthly rental but will get 6 GB, which is a 200% increase”. As for our Prepaid customers they can now enjoy as much as 400mb for $6 when it was 120mb previously.

Vodafone’s Chief Marketing Officer, Sanjeewa Perera said this extra data added to the current pricing is not just a short term promotion. The extra allocation would help our customers access more data services at the same price they paying for which is a real value for their money. “Accessing applications, browsing the net on mobile handsets and laptops is gaining popularity in the market. The recent expansion of our 3G Network with HSPA that delivers High Speed Mobile Broadband Network now covers over 95% of Fiji’s population, and is country wide. This enables our customers more accessibility to the internet”, he said.

This is what one would call Big data and Big Saving!!

“While we make Mobile Internet access affordable, it is also our mandate to empower our customers with the right products to make Internet more accessible to the greater community of Fiji. With the Introduction of Smart phones, Tablets and Netbooks at very affordable prices, we have now made Internet available all across Fiji. In the last few months we have distributed over 10,000 Tablets and Netbooks for as low as $159”

“Vodafone promises greater deals to come with world renowned brands at an affordable price and will also have the back up support from authorized service centres. Mobile Broadband services the world over have changed telephony services. We are geared and also fully committed to adding more value to broadband services throughout the value chain starting from Content, Connectivity and Accessibility tools,” he said.
About Vodafone Fiji:

Vodafone Fiji Limited is part of Vodafone Group Plc, a leading mobile communications company with over 350 million proportionate customers worldwide. Vodafone Fiji which is a partnership with Amalgamated Telecom Holding Fiji provides mobile telecommunications services to over 700,000 Fiji customers. The global company has equity interests in 26 countries and partner networks in a further 33 countries, the largest global footprint.


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