Uprising 7s to bring delight in the west


Rugby fans in the western division will now be looking forward to the upcoming Uprising 7s as they can pay less to watch day two of the Uprising 7s next week from the embankment.

Uprising 7s organizer Culden Kamea.

Uprising 7s organizer Culden Kamea.

This was confirmed by Uprising 7s organizer Culden Kamea after Flour Mills of Fiji announced their sponsorship this year.

“It is fantastic as it will allow a lot of people to get into Churchill Park, which is the whole reason why Flour Mills of Fiji wanted to sponsor,” he said.

Kamea also said that fans can buy a packet of five reduced salt flavored Chow Chicken noodles and produce the outer wrapper at the gates as their entry fee.

Flour Mills of Fiji is also sponsoring the Fiji Warriors.

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