Caption: WAF wastewater treatment plant in Kinoya. Photo: SUPPLIED.

SEPTEMBER 2, 2015. Almost all of Fiji’s wastewater problems could be avoided if people would only act responsibly
in their use of toilets and drains.

“The misuse of wastewater systems by individuals is the number one cause of blockages, burst pipes, overflows and backflows,” said Water Authority of Fiji’s (WAF) CEO Mr Opetaia Ravai.

“Anyone who thinks they can flush away rags, clothes, condoms, sanitary pads and even bottles must understand that no wastewater system in the world can suffer abuse of this kind and continue to reliably do what’s expected of it.”

Mr Ravai pointed out that the theft of manhole covers, a serious criminal offense punishable by hefty fines and even imprisonment, adds to the problem.

“Those who see an open manhole as a convenient receptacle for their rubbish should know that, as well as being grossly irresponsible, they too lay themselves open to prosecution. Some offenders will even lift a cover themselves in order to drop their rubbish inside.”

Rather than take WAF wastewater services for granted, Mr Ravai said, people should value them and dispose of their refuse in a responsible way.

“The time and money WAF wastes each and every day in removing rubbish from our country’s wastewater pumps and plants can be massively reduced and be better spent in delivering expanded services, if every single one of us just plays their part. ”


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