Victoria Wines Adds Global Flavours to FTE


Fiji’s leading wine distributor, Victoria Wines, is committed to strengthening the ‘Fiji Brand’ by committing as the major sponsor for the Food and Wine Festival and the Fiji Fashion Show at the Fijian Tourism Expo (FTE) 2015.

The family-run business, with three outlets in Port Denarau, Nadi and Suva, is dedicated to importing and distributing fine wines from all over the world – from countries like Argentina, Australia, Chile, France, Italy, North America, New Zealand, Spain – through to Fiji’s many boutique island resorts and top restaurants.

To enhance the experience of overseas participants at FTE 2015, Victoria Wines will be distributing an excellent range of wines and support for the development of wine knowledge in Fiji.

“We expect, through the sponsorship of FTE Food & Wine Festival, to raise tourism wholesalers expectations around the quality of food and wine experiences available in Fiji,” says Victoria Wines Company Director, Ms Kate Vusoniwailala.

“Fiji has not always had a strong reputation in this area but through the significant efforts of individuals in the sector and resorts dedicated to a high quality of food and beverage experience, this is now changing; it provides us with a competitive edge in the international tourism arena as well as offering the opportunity to build niche markets for those that consider wine and food experiences as a key driver in choosing a destination.”

The Victoria Wines Food and Wine Festival at FTE 2015 is aimed at educating international buyers on just how sophisticated the food and wine scene in Fiji has become, and will feature food from all around the world with wines matched to each dish to compliment the flavours.

“We were very impressed with FTE 2014 because of the holistic, innovative and up-beat approach to marketing Fiji as a destination. There is significant development in the market and huge opportunities as the sector expands and enriches the offer available to visitors,” Ms Vusoniwailala says.

As part of its commitment to strengthen Fiji’s food and wine sector, Victoria Wines is working with the New Zealand School of Wine & Spirits to deliver internationally recognized wine and spirit training in Fiji in 2013.

“This month the Director of the New Zealand School of Wine & Spirits, Master of Wine, Ms Jane Skilton, will be delivering the internationally recognized Wine & Spirit Education Trust training to 85 participants in Fiji. The majority of the participants are from the tourism and hospitality sector and this illustrates Fiji’s commitment towards strengthening its wine and food offer,” she adds.

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