Vodafone ATH Foundation in partnership with the ACATA (Action for Children and t7he Aged) Trust Fiji, Ministry of Health and USP Campus Life is screening USP students during the USP Health week to assess the health and well-being of today’s youth to help build a picture of current and emerging youth health issues.

Overall, the aim is to collect information that is both accurate and up-to-date, that can be used to improve young people’s health and wellbeing. ACATA is incorporating some new and exciting strands to the project. Dr SMS doctors say that majority of youth born after the 1980’s have marked imbalances in their health due to expressive polluted environment, excessive intake of processed food and inactive life style, which is a major contributor to alarming premature death rates in Fiji. Our doctors say that to arrest the situation we need to do a pre & post evaluation of the situation as our educated populace are not well. The tests include anemia, sugar, cholesterol funded by Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation.
“Some other factors affecting our youths are drugs and substance abuse, chemically overloaded & toxic foods, unhealthy oils, life style habits (outsource of canteens and dining area). These are factors that cause our youths to get sick, “said Dr BP Ram of ACATA Trust.
The survey seeks to confirm the above, investigate root causes of the problem and arrest situation as early as possible. The reason for this is to encourage positive youth health for a more productive nation. “The questionnaire addresses a range of topics, including, physical and emotional health, nutrition patterns, and substance abuse. The survey will be conducted from the 27-31 May 2013 at the University of the South Pacific, “said Executive Director for ACATA Trust Fiji, Rosan Lal.
“The aim of the research is to collect, analyze and disseminate accurate and comprehensive information to inform policies and practices to improve the health of Fiji’s youth and to  identify the prevalence of risk and protective factors, with a focus on University environments, that promote the health and wellness of today’s youth,” said Mr. Lal.
Vodafone ATH Foundation Director, Divik Deo, said that adolescent health has never been captured in Fiji, and this will be a pioneer project that will be used at a national level to address youth health issues, advance the youth health policies and develop innovative Vodafone mHealth programs and apps that would be appealing to this technology savvy generation.
The online youth health survey form, a first for Fiji, was developed by Tafazul Gani, an employee of Vodafone Fiji, under its Employee Engagement Vodafone Hands-up program and is set to become the baseline for future health research in Fiji, said Foundation Executive, Ambalika Devi.
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