Vodafone introduces prepaid roaming to Australia and New Zealand

Prepaid customers on Vodafone network will now be able to use their local Vodafone SIMS to send and receive calls while in Australia and New Zealand.   This provides our customers an added service and opens opportunities for families as well as businesses to have seamless connection and uninterrupted service on their local mobile numbers whilst they are travelling to these two countries. Until now the mobile roaming service was only available to postpaid customers.

The launch of prepaid roaming comes after high demands from local customers for a more convenient and hassle free way of using their prepaid phones whilst travelling abroad. Customers cited numerous difficulties arranging for a phone connection when they arrive in another country.  These include selecting the right provider, buying new SIM card and going through the registration and activation process.  Once you select a provider you then have to learn entirely new system.  When you are in another country and things are unfamiliar you don’t want too many complications. “It’s frustrating and time-consuming. I want to use my own number and my own cellfone from home country”, said Rajesh Prasad a frequent traveler to Australia.

“Prepaid roaming to Australia and New Zealand is excellent news to those on the Vodafone network. Most people travelling out of Fiji visit either Australia or New Zealand and to be able to use their local prepaid Fiji mobile numbers in these countries is really convenient and stress free arrangement.
Prepaid roaming is activated on all Vodafone Fiji prepaid phones as a default feature.  Once a person lands in Australia or New Zealand with a prepaid Vodafone Fiji phone, it will do an automatic search for available roaming network and lock onto any one network.  Customers will be able to manually select a network of their choice. [Refer to Vodafone Fiji website www.vodafone.com.fj for selecting/changing network. In Australia prepaid roaming is available through VHA and Telstra and in New Zealand through Vodafone NZ, Telecom NZ and 2 Degrees.
Customers are required to have sufficient prepaid balance to make and receive calls. Additional top up can be done using online credit card payment through the Vodafone website or through Vodafone M-PAiSA or even someone sending a PIN recharge by SMS from Fiji.  Customers can also check their balance at anytime using *131#.  To make calls within New Zealand, dial +64 & destination number. E.g. +6495525199 and to make calls within Australia, dial +61 & destination number.eg. +61421675518. To make calls from New Zealand, dial +country code & destination number.eg.+6799998144 and to make calls from Australia, dial +country code & destination number.eg +6799998144.
Call charging happens on a real time basis just like local calls. The only difference is that separate prepaid roaming rates apply. [Refer to Vodafone Fiji website for rate details]. Only normal money and IOU balance could be used can be used while roaming. Local promotional rates do not apply to roaming
For any issues while roaming, contact Vodafone Fiji customer care on +679 990 2123(charged line) or send email to customercare.fj@vodafone.com.fj
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