Caption: Master Simione Naituva demonstrates the improved water pressure. Photo: SUPPLIED.

September 25, 2015. The 55 students and their teachers at Wainawaqa District School, Naitasiri, now have access to an uninterrupted supply of safe, clean drinking water and to sanitary bathroom facilities, thanks to the work recently completed by the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF).

The nine-week project included the construction of a new dam, the construction of a 6,500 gallon ferrocement tank, eight standpipes in the school compound and repair to the school’s existing toilet and bathroom facilities.

Head Teacher, Mr Simione Naituva said that the school, located on a hill overlooking the Wainawaqa Villlage, had been using the same water source as the village.
“ Most of the time the school was facing an intermittent supply of water, since the village is very big and there was not enough water reaching the school.”
After discussions with the village and the school committee, water tanks were bought and placed in the school compound.

“This did not solve the problem, so we decided to seek the Government funding where the Water Authority of Fiji would construct a new system dedicated to the school.”

Mr Naituva was referring to the Rural Water Scheme. Communities that are not connected to the WAF water reticulation system can apply for funding assistance for the installation and/or upgrade of their water supplies, but are required to raise 10% of the installation costs. They must also elect a Water Committee to ensure the continued good management of the water system. Wanawaqa Village raised the necessary $7,370.00 contribution towards the $73,700.00 project.

“A great many thanks to the WAF for this great work that has now been completed. Today the school is receiving a lot of water and the problem is gone. The students are drinking clean water and the school toilets are also clean,” said Mr Naituva.




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