Wallis and Futuna ready for Pacific Mini Games 2013


People from all colors and islands with the French Minister Overseas together with 750 athletes, 200 team officials witnessed yesterday’s colorful opening ceremony for the ninth Pacific Mini Games in Wallis yesterday .

The game will be played all around in Wallis and Futuna, as organizers are expecting a huge turnout as the games are first for the nation.

Representatives from 22 Pacific Island nations were also present in the opening ceremony.

The Pacific Games are an international sports competition that brings together the 22 States and Territories of the Pacific and they are supervised by the Council of Pacific Games.

The primary objective of these Pacific Games is to create links of friendship and brotherhood among the countries of the Pacific, through sports exchanges, without any distinction of race, religion or politics.

The first Pacific Games were organized in 1963, in Fiji. Every 4 years, the Games are organized in a member country or territory of the Council of Pacific Games.

Meanwhile, there will be eight selected sports that would be played; sailing, the Va’a, Beach volleyball, Volleyball, Taekwondo, athletics and weightlifting.


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