Water disruptions in Parts of Lautoka and Nasinu

Customers residing in parts of Lautoka are advised by WAF to be conservation conscious when using water.

Residents in parts of Lautoka may experience low pressure to no water until further notice. This disruption is due to a continuous low water flow experienced at Kashmir reservoir thus affecting the water reticulation system.

The Kashmir reservoir is entirely dependent on the Nagado reservoir in Nadi which also supplies to all Nadi customers.

The Authority encounters this situation when the water at Nagado reservoir falls below safe operational level, causing low pressure with a tendency to low distribution level at Kashmir and other service reservoirs.

The affected areas include:

–          Tavakubu village and areas

–          Simla areas

–          Rifle Range areas

–          Kashmir areas

–          Waiyavi areas

–          Chand Umaria Street

–          VM Pillay Road

–          Ram Asre areas

–          Vomo Street

–          Jinnu Road

–          Vesi Crescent

WAF ensures that water trucks will be carting water to these affected areas.

The Water Authority of Fiji advises its customers residing in parts of Nasinu Area that supply has been disrupted due to a 10” burst main.

Repair works are in progress and supply is expected to normalise by 8pm tonight, February 4.

The following areas are affected:

–          Tacirua village, Tamavua hospital, Toomey hospital, Tamavua village, along Princess Road up to Kaba Street and nearby areas.

Customers residing in these affected areas are advised to store and use water wisely.


Any inconvenience caused is highly regretted.

For further enquires, customers can call 3346777 or text through to 5777 (Vodafone & Inkk users).




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