The Roko Tui Namata, Ratu Paula Halaiwalu during NDP consultations at Raralevu village hall today.Photo:SUPPLIED.



Water, Health and Road issues were some of the main concerns raised during the National Development Plan (NDP) consultations held at Raralevu village hall today.

The Department of Strategic Planning and National Development visited Raralevu village after a request was made to the team by the village head.

A total of 30 residents attended the consultations and voiced their concerns on proper water meter, road upgrades and health dispensary.

The President of Raralevu village Women’s group, sixty-nine year old, Mere Halaiwalu said the village is in need of a dispensary to cater for the 790 population.

“The villagers of Raralevu and Namata village need a health dispensary as the nearest health centre in Nausori is a long wait for us. We have a trained nurse that uses the village hall to tend to the elderly and the sick. I would like to request to Government to look into these issues and include it in the National Development Plan,” Mrs Halaiwalu said.

Mrs Halaiwalu said that proper tar sealed road is also needed by the villagers to travel to town and nearby areas.

The Roko Tui Namata, Ratu Paula Halaiwalu said they were grateful to the NDP team for visiting the village and giving them an opportunity to have a one-on-one with the Government officials.

He added that the NDP consultations is of national importance and should be given priority by villagers.

The NDP team have covered a total of 224 meetings for the central division as of 18th July with  a total population of 5,000 attending the consultations.

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