School heads of departments are now held accountable for students’ performance and are one of the most important cogs in the school machine.


This was highlighted by the Minister of Education, Dr Mahendra Reddy while closing the secondary schools Heads of Departments workshop for Nadroga and Navosa in Sigatoka today.


“Schools that have been the most successful in improving student achievement have visionary leaders who develop and implement plans that focus on student learning,” Dr Reddy said.


“I am sure that with strong leadership, even the most troubled schools can be reformed.”


Dr Reddy added that it is just as important for Heads of Departments to know that in any organization, the role of the leaders keeps changing.


“Students are now different. They are not the students that we were. They are more vocal, they are more technologically advanced,” Dr Reddy said.


“Their exposure to other outside influences can make the reality of being a HOD more daunting.


“It is within this very challenging environment that you are expected to function.”

Education Officer for Nadroga and Navosa, Vishnu Sharma said that the HOD workshop is a follow up of a workshop for head teachers that was held last month.


“This one day workshop is organized by the Principals Association and today we have here 13 secondary schools heads of departments,” Mr Sharma said.


“We want all teachers in Nadroga and Navosa to be on par with the education reforms that is being carried out by government.”


Issues discussed at the workshop included conduct of teachers, examination, expectations of HODs and curriculum changes.

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