Whistleblower rewarded by FNPF for recovered revenue

Caption: Vinod Kumar receives his reward from CEO Aisake Taito. 

FNPF continues to reap the benefit of its whistleblower policy when it recovered $22,005 and rewarded the complainant 10 per cent or $2,205 for the information that led to the recovery of these unpaid contributions.

Mr Vinod Kumar received his reward after investigations resulted in the recovery of unpaid contributions owed to employees over two years by an employer, based in Suva.

“The reward was approved by the Board earlier this year, which entitles the informer to receive 10 per cent monetary or non-monetary reward for any revenue recovered by the Fund,” FNPF Chief Executive, Mr Aisake Taito said.

“Accountability and integrity are part of the Fund’s corporate values and as such, the whistleblower policy was put in place to encourage employees, members and others to raise their concerns directly with us.

“The Fund will then take necessary steps to ensure confidentiality of the information received during the period of investigation.”

To qualify for a reward, a whistleblower shall be willing to disclose his or her identity to the Fund.

“A genuine disclosure under this policy refers to any good faith communication that discloses information that may evidence improper activity.

“However, a situation may arise where it will not be possible to resolve the matter without revealing the employee’s identity e.g. where the employee may be required to give evidence in court,” Mr Taito said.

Mr Kumar said that he was not expecting the reward when he lodged the complaint against this employer.

“Some employees had complained to me – all I did was lodged this through the Whistleblower policy. The reward is really a bonus.”

Members of the public are encouraged to come forward and make use of the Fund’s whistleblower portal information of concerns that may include;

  •  Fraud, theft or misappropriation
  •  Use of inside information by an employee for private gain
  •  Giving or receiving of bribe, gifts, benefits or anything of value which would impair objectivity in the performance of an employee’s responsibilities
  •  Inappropriate disclosure of FNPF’s confidential information (including intellectual  property)
  • Engaging in activities that compromises or are potentially in conflict with the Interests of the Fund, breach of FNPF Act and any illegal act.
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