Works underway for new flood lights

Caption: The Prince Charles Park pavilion. Photo: SHALENDRA PRASAD.


Works for installing of new flood lights at the Nadi’s Prince Charles Park are currently underway by the Town council.

It has been a main concern after the matches were being held back for the next day, during the first day of this year’s Fiji Bitter Nawaka 7s, earlier this month.

Nadi Town Council CEO, Nemia Tagi said they are working on the design and the costing of the flood lights right now.

“All the flood lights at the pavilion were badly damaged by the Tropical Cyclone Evan late last year, and we are currently working on it now.”

“It will be replaced by the modern facility and bright lights to cater for the night games that are yet to come,” he said.

The flood lights are being insured by the Town Council’s insurance.

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