World Class Terminal to Open in 2016


Caption: An artist’s impression of the outside of the departure lounge. Photo courtesy AFL.


The $105 million refurbishment of Nadi International Airport was being carried out by Government to cater for a ever increasing number of visitors coming to Fiji.

When completed, Fiji will have a world class facility with many new amenities and additions including a spa.

The new look airport will be opened in stages until is expected completion in mid-2016.

The message from Airports Fiji Ltd is clear: “We’re doing this for you.”

“It has taken considerable effort to come this far. ”

“It took us considerable time to understand how to upgrade without affecting the operations of the Nadi International Airport. Nadi Airport was previously built by adding three different buildings at different times. It was therefore not easy for the architects to design.”

“The past construction was not properly documented.”

“Once we understood the scope we highlighted the constraints that then became challenges. We have since been involved on a daily basis in ensuring that the challenges are mitigated as best as possible.”

“We also believe that we appointed the best contractor available for the job in Hawkins pBS.”

Hawkins pBS project director heath Doyle has brought about a solution based approach to the table that has been very positive for the project,” commented Executive chairman, Faiz Khan.

Funded by AFL, Mr Khan said the project had been funded entirely at AFL’s financial strength of borrowing without government guarantees.

“In many ways the commitment for this project has brought about unprecedented financial discipline in other areas of AFL’s expenditure.”


Newest edition Burger King inside the almost completed Nadi International Airport.Photo: MARGARET NAQIRI.

“This financial discipline that has allowed us to do this project, no doubt will allow us to do many more capital projects.”

“Our cash flow and World class terminal to open in stages during 2015-2016 profitability positions have never been stronger despite contributing $18 million in first up equity for this project. With a successful restructure of our revenues to come after the construction upgrade we can only reach higher,” said Khan.

Top class facilities include a two-lane vehicle drop off for entry into departure check-in to speed up traffic flow.

Entering the departure check-in area the passenger will immediately notice the natural light and ample space for check-ins with the number of desks increased to 36.

The ceiling has been raised by seven metres and the floor space increased by 4,000 square metres.

The departure lounge on 1st floor airside will feature world-class duty free brands by Tappoo and prouds, Burger King and Gloria Jeans, specialty retail stores (Jewelry Galleria, Wh Smith, Nike and rip curl), an expanded airport lounge, a prayer room, a world class VIp paid lounge service with spa facilities by Fiji Airways.

The departure lounge, which has been expanded by 2,000 square metres and totally redesigned, is scheduled to open soon to be followed shortly thereafter with the baggage claim hall in arrivals and the arrivals concourse.

An artist's impression of the pre-boarding area. Photo by AFL

An artist’s impression of the pre-boarding area. Photo by AFL

Departing passengers will come up the escalator after immigration clearance, but will now enter a walk through shopping experience. The lounge space will be luxurious and together with the food and beverages outlet and kids play area will have a splendid view of the Nadi Bay and mountains.

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