World Supermodel Pageant off to a Great Start

World Supermodel Pageant has already begun and we’re on our second day having done our first set of photo-shoots yesterday .
“The first sets of photo shoots have been good.girls are very easy & professional to work with.All are very photogenic in front the camera and the Photography teams enjoying every bit of the shoots.We get our shots in 10 frames and there’s definitely a lot of competition”Director of Photography Mr Singh.
Today its all just rehearsals for the girls with our Choreographer Ashleigh Andison when asked about how the first rehearsals been Andison says “Its been really good.All the girls have all worked hard & tried together which has made my work really easy”
Andison called on the Public to come on down for the Crowning Ceremony and experience a show full of energy from the Girls.
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