World’s First Fly Boarding Fire Dancing Show launched in Fiji


Nadi, 28 August 2015 – Fiji has become the only country in the world that offers tourists a unique cultural show which combines Fly Boarding and Fire Dancing  after the launch of the new product at the Robinson Crusoe Island on Wednesday, 26 August.

The introduction of the world’s first ‘Fly Boarding Fire Dance’ show is expected to elevate cultural entertainment to the next level. With a thrilling, airborne performance, the show is guaranteed to impress international travellers who not only want to learn more about Pacific Island cultural performances, but also entice those who are brave enough to give Fly Boarding a go.

The new product is a collaboration between Robinson Crusoe Island Resort and Hydro Sports Fiji. The Segway Jungle and Beach Tours was also launched on the Island. Segways are two-wheeled, self-balancing, battery-powered electric vehicles that allow tourists the freedom of taking island tours to a whole new level.

Robinson Crusoe Island Resort General Manager, Mr Phil Andricksen says the resort is renowned for authentic Pacific cultural stays that depict the ‘real’ Fijian and Pacific ambiance from the moment tourists land on the island.

“Robinson Crusoe Island cultural shows are quite spectacular and we are fortunate and proud to partner with Hydro Sports Fiji to give our visitors more options of water sports activities as well as the introduction of the unique – worlds very first Fly Boarding and Fire Dancing cultural experience,” Mr Andricksen says.

The Fly Boarding and Fire Dancing shows will be held every Wednesdays and Saturdays at the Robinson Crusoe Island.

Hydro Sports Fiji Directors, Ms Shaye Felsch and Mr Tyce Winkler say they are overwhelmed with the support of Tourism Fiji and Robinson Crusoe Island to collaborate on the new product.

“Since the initial commencement of Hydro Sports Fiji it has been our goal to strive for innovation and bring to Fiji something that has never been done before. It is with such pride and success that we have been so fortunate to launch such a great achievement so soon in the piece of establishing the company,” Ms Felsch says.

“For Hydro sports Fiji, this is just the beginning, we have a lot of ambition and exciting plans to fulfil all of our goals, and with such early success of our first achievement, we cannot wait to share more exhilarating milestones.”

Ms Felsch adds Hydro Sports Fiji strongly believe in the culture of Fiji, “so it is important to us to keep that alive in our company ethic, while remaining strong to our goal, taking Fiji to new heights.”

Tourism Fiji Global Public relations Manager, Ms Patricia Mallam present at the launch of noted that visitors to Fiji continue to seek for new, unique and meaningful experiences while wholesalers continually seek new thrills for their clients.

“We must continue to address changing visitor needs in the products and services we offer in order to maintain the largest sector contributing to the Fijian economy, currently providing 34 percent of Fiji’s gross domestic product,” Ms Mallam explains.

“Our people and our culture remains the greatest pull factor for tourism. This launch of the Fly boarding fire dance takes cultural entertainment to a higher level and I believe the thrilling performance will not fall short of an exclusive experience with our international and local travellers,” she says.

Ms Mallam adds that the tourism industry provides one in every three jobs in the country and “with new and exciting products being offered to our visitors, employment opportunities will grow.”



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