Yoga can help prevent rape: Karnataka minister

BANGALORE: Karnataka energy minister Shobha Karandlaje on Sunday said incidents like the Delhi gang rape can be prevented by changing the mindset of men through yoga.

Speaking at an international conference on yoga, ayurveda and spirituality 2013, Shobha said: “Men’s thought process can be directed towards something positive and constructive. This can be achieved through yoga. There is a misconception that yoga belongs to a particular religion. Yoga can serve as the most cost-effective and preventive medicine.”

Talking about atrocities on women, Shobha said although the government has taken steps for women’s safety and security in the state, still a lot needs to be done. “We have been talking about women’s liberalization since decades, but that level of liberty is still not given to women,” she said.

Retired high court judge and Rajya Sabha member Justice M Rama Jois emphasized the introduction of spirituality in textbooks. “Judiciary and legislation alone can’t curb crimes. They can’t comprehensively prevent crimes that are manifestations of the uncontrolled human mind. We need a paradigm shift in our education system if we have to usher in reform in society. In case we have an education system that imbibes the values of Dharma – respect for elders and women – from the elementary schools, crime level will come down naturally,” he said.

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