The Minister for Youth and Sports Honourable Laisenia Tuitubou joined his counterparts from 50 countries and visited the Korean National Assembly yesterday.


As part of the 5th Ministers of Youth World Forum, the Youth Ministers were taken on a sight visit to the Parliamentary complex of the Republic of Korea.


Minister Tuitubou said that the visit offered an ideal opportunity to assess and learn from the Korean Parliamentary structure.


“At present there are efforts to strengthen ties between the Parliament of Fiji and the Republic of Korea,” he said.


“The visit presented us with an insight into the Parliamentary structure and affairs of the Korean National Assembly and also gave us the opportunity to learn from them,” said Minister Tuitubou.


“I also understand that a request has been made for the establishment of the Fiji/Korea Parliamentary Association which is aimed at fostering closer relations between our two parliaments.


Youth Ministers and representatives also met with Korea’s National Assembly’s Chairman of Financial Budgeting and Forecasting Committee Mr Jae Kyung Kim.


Mr Kim said that he was honoured that countries from around the world, including Fiji considered the National Assembly of Korea as a model parliament to aspire to.


“Being the 10th largest economy in the world and with approximately $400billion of budgeting a year, I think it is an honour for us to be held in such high regard by your governments,” said Mr Kim.


He added the Assembly had a lot to offer countries especially in administrative and parliamentary affairs.


The 5th Ministers of Youth World Forum will be held on Thursday 9th of July at Busan City.

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