$10,000 to help rebuild School by Tappoo Group

Caption: Burnt remains of the Sigatoka Methodist School. Photo:SIGATOKA TOWN CORAL COAST FACEBOOK PAGE


The Tappoo Group has resolved to donate $10,000 to the school management to assist in the rebuilding of part of the 13 classrooms of the Sigatoka Methodist Primary School building damaged in the recent fire.

The Tappoo family will liaise with the School Management to see how it could assist further in the aftermath of this tragedy.

Most of the Children were in tears when they came to attend the school on Monday morning (16th Sep) to find that their school had burnt down to the ground the previous night.

The school is located close to the heart of the town and so caters for children of all races from the entire Nadroga Navosa District, including the rural valleys of Sigatoka.

Mr Kanti Tappoo said “Over the years several generations of the Tappoo family have attended the Sigatoka Methodist School; the 95 year old building that was razed down in fire was perhaps the same roof under which many of the Tappoo family members actually schooled.”

“The family have always felt kinship with the school and the district of Nadroga Navosa. The Tappoo Headquarters has always remained in Sigatoka despite many requests to relocate to the bigger cities”.

Amongst other philanthropic activities for mothers and children in the district, the Tappoo Group, in recent years, has donated over $10,000 through the Ministry of Education to fund scholarships for students in the Nadroga district, $12,000 to Sigatoka Hospital Maternity Ward, over $10,000 to Save The Children society, $10,000 towards safe drinking water project in the Methodist School. “We will continue to look for ways to assist the schools” said Mr Tappoo.

Meanwhile, the Tappoo Group applauded the good work being done by the Methodist Church in running the schools and wished them all the best.

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