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These Prisoners Are Training AI.

In high-wage Finland, where clickworkers are rare, one company has discovered a novel labor force—prisoners. ACROSS A STERILE white table in a windowless room, I’m introduced to a woman in her forties. She has…


Final term commences for schools.

Primary and secondary students returned to school today for the start of another academic term all around the country. This is an important term for students as they will sit for exams that will determine all the…


Fiji goes down against Wales in opening match.

The Fiji water flying Fijians lost their first match against Wales this morning a staggering 32-26 at the rugby world cup in France. Both teams gave it their all and lived up to every fans expectation on the field.…


”Sound of Freedom”: Film review.

‘’ God’s children are not for sale’’- these are the words stuck with many people around the world as they step out the cinema after watching sound of freedom. Inspired by a true story, the movie has a sole…

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