A toddler of Vunato Settlement is believed to be the latest drowning victim.

The victim who is almost 2 years of age was discovered floating in the Vunato Creek by her mother yesterday afternoon at around 4.30pm.

The victim’s mother had been attending to her younger daughter when she discovered her missing. Following a search the victim’s body was discovered floating in the creek located directly behind their back yard.

She was rushed to the Lautoka Hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival. Investigations continue.

The current drowning toll stands at 8 compared to the same figure last year.

To date the same worrying trend is being noticed whereby children under 10 years of age are becoming drowning victims.

Of the 8 cases, 3 are under 10 years of age while the next highest recorded figure is that of those between 17 and 25 years of age.

Further analysis shows majority of the cases have been where victims drowned while swimming in rivers.

As investigations into negligence continue on the 3 cases recorded so far, the Fiji Police would once again like to reiterate the importance of supervision.

Of particular concern is also our ability to acknowledge and know the dangers and hazards of one’s environment. Cases involving children are often where the victims homes are situated near a river or sea whereby children have wandered off on their own resulting in tragic circumstances.

This is where parents and guardians must be more vigilant! We will continue to issue advice however the onus is on individuals to take ownership of their safety and especially of the young in their care.


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