24 Cases of Theft in the last 4 days


The Fiji Police has raised concerns after receiving an increase in theft cases around the west, central, southern and northern divisions during the week.

Theft and assault have been classified as the most prevalent offences reported throughout the various policing divisions and districts over every 24 hour period.

“People are also being advised not to keep large sums of cash at home,  Criminal elements continue to prey on those that leave their belongings in clear view and thus making them easy targets,” Police Spokesperson, Ana Naisoro said.

“The most common items being targeted are laptops, i-pads digital cameras, mobile phones, jewelry and cash,” she added.

While there have been a few reports of livestock thefts, the above mentioned items continue to top the list of stolen items.

Meanwhile, most cases have been investigated and brought before the courts, members of the public are advised to keep valuable items safely with particular emphasis on electronic goods and mobile phones.

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