The new extended and refurbished Emergency Department and Operating Theatre at the Lautoka Hospital will benefit 365,000 in the Western Division.

The Minister for Health Dr Neil Sharma officiated at today’s groundbreaking event for these works and said that this development will end years of suffering and neglect for Fijians living in the Western Division.

“The current operating theatres provide surgical services however, during visiting teams’ presence, elective surgical cases gets piled up resulting in more patient waiting time and delay in services,” the Minister told guests at today’s events.

“The Emergency Department will accommodate for proper patient segregation and services will be provided as per patient category at any hospital.”

Dr Sharma said since its construction in 1974, no major upgrade have been carried out at the hospital.

Lautoka District Advisory Council chairman Mr Faiyaz Ali said they were happy that the present Government wants to provide the same and best healthcare to all people no matter where they are from.

“This is a great day for all Fijians and we are happy that this Government comes down to the people’s level to find about their needs,” he said.

“This was not the case before where the decisions were made high up in Government and forced down our neck whether we needed it or not.”  

The project will provide services such as Emergency Department with appropriate monitoring and patient care, four operating theatres, post anesthetic recovery units, training room and other ancillary services.


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