8 Drivers Lose Their License in northern division


The Land Transport Authority has suspended the licenses of eight drivers that have a bad track record for habitually breaking traffic laws, during the Northern Division Show Cause hearing this week.
These drivers were booked for speeding and reckless driving. Two others were issued a final warning for speeding and driving a defective vehicle.

The monthly Show Cause hearing, presided over by LTA Chief Executive Officer, Mr Naisa Tuinaceva, summons drivers with 15 Traffic Infringement Notices (TINs) or with up to three habitual violations, to justify why their driving license should not be suspended or cancelled.

“Bread and butter issues should be treasured and the recklessness of these drivers shows that they don’t really care,” remarked Mr Tuinaceva.

Speeding remains the number one killer on our roads and LTA is concerned that more people will either lose their lives in road accidents or sustain injuries to their physical and mental health due to the bad attitude of road users.

During the hearing, Mr Tuinaceva told a driver in his 20s that: “You’re a young driver and young drivers have a habit of showing off, but one day you will kill someone when you turn 30 because you’re a habitual offender.”

Last year, more than 70,000 drivers were booked for various traffic offences while 30,000 drivers were issued TINS for speeding and reckless driving.

“Many drivers tend to forget that all licenses belong to the Government and it’s only with them on a hire arrangement with its attached conditions,” said Mr Tuinaceva, adding, “If you’re a habitual offender then you’re a disrespectful person because you don’t respect the law and you don’t respect human lives, and therefore you don’t deserve a driving license.”

Meanwhile, LTA has de-registered six private vehicles for operating as a Public Service Vehicle (PSV) while three other private vehicle owners have been issued with a final warning not to re-offend.





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