ACP clears air regarding $30 million Lautoka drug bust


I would like to clarify and dismiss any speculation regarding the recent $30 million heroin bust in Lautoka.

The heroin bust was not an isolated case but was a result of credible intelligence received from our foreign law enforcement agencies. The Fiji Police Force continues to share valuable information with our foreign counterparts on suspected illegal activities and vice-versa.

Similarly Fiji Customs has its own network, and information shared by the two organizations resulted in the successful joint operation and interception of the shipment of illicit drugs at the Lautoka Wharf.

As such a 40 year old businessman has already been charged with one count of unlawful importation of illicit drugs while an Australian citizen remains in custody for his alleged involvement in the transshipment of the illicit substances.

Due to the sensitivity of the investigation I will not be able to divulge more information on how the information was brought to our attention, however I can confirm that indicators show that this was a transshipment case and the illicit substances were not destined for Fiji.

We continue to work through our Police and Custom networks, Australian law enforcement authorities as well as officials from Laos and Thailand where the container was initially shipped from in gathering more information about the illicit substances.

Investigators are pursuing a number of leads and we continue to liaise with our international colleagues in law enforcement.

The Fiji Police and Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority will continue to work hard in protecting our borders and this latest successful operation is a result of the long and patient work of our officers in gathering and pursuing information regarding such illegal activities made known to us.




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